What is lobloggomy all about? 

Your guess is as good as mine. Lobloggomy is a (slow-going) experiment with no clear direction or intended outcome. For the time being there is no theme or vision. With more posts appearing in the future, this might change.

Feel free to bring topics to my attention you want me to write about. I also invite everyone to submit guest articles or challenge me on the ones I write in the comments section. Put that grey matter to work!


Third party tools and data protection

I am using Feedburner for email alerts and Disqus for comments in the blog section. For Disqus I have disabled adverts, which means you won't be seeing any on this page and I won't be earning any money when you visit. Both providers are known to be among the more decent ones. However, general caution should be applied. In the event that they mess with your data, let me know and I send some dragons their way. 


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